1990 - Nils Folke Becker

Nils Folke BeckerInducted October 5, 1990

Folke Becker, a dedicated conservationist, business executive and leader in the forestry movement in the restoration and development of forests and forestry forward via constitutional and legislative action in the 1920's consulting in public funding for forestry, enactment of the Forest Crop Law, forest zoning legislation and the creation of the County Forest program.

Founder and President of Trees for Tomorrow, Inc. he was a member of the Wisconsin Forestry Advisory Committee and an early advocated of a statewide forest pest control program. His keen understanding and leadership to develop and enhance Wisconsin forestry programs played a vital role in developing long range Wisconsin forest policy.


Practices Study

Deep in a Wisconsin forest

The 2013 Wisconsin Forestry Practices Study--begun in January 2014--is a two-year comprehensive study of WDNR forestry and forest fire prevention practices.


Forestry Summit

Image representing the 2013 Governor's Forestry Economic Summit

The 2013 Governor's Forestry Economic Summit brought together Wisconsin's most engaged and knowledgeable forest stakeholders to share information from all sectors of the industry.


Invasive BMPs

Field containing garlic mustard invasives

Invasive exotic species present what may be the greatest threat to the long-term health and sustainability of Wisconsin's forests. Help control the spread of invasive species!


Woody Biomass

Stand of Wisconsin trees in winter

The woody biomass task force helps craft public policy and a legislative framework for more effective use of woody biomass to meet Wisconsin's growing demands for energy and fuel.